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Document Records Management Services

SDM Inc. provides affordable on demand and appropriately scaled document records management services:

  • Legacy records/documents (paper/electronic) review and recommendations
  • Records/documents management review and recommendations
  • Project document control
  • Records/documents indexing, archiving and storage preparation
  • Document/record management systems development
  • Vendor document management
Strategic Document Management Inc. (SDM Inc.) provides small- and medium-sized companies with professional document records management services to effectively support your business. We bring the people, the business process and the tools. Meaning you don’t have to invest in staffing or solutions to meet your day-to-day or immediate business challenges.

For most small- and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of purchasing and implementing a professional-grade document management system is prohibitive. For many, the need for these services is often sporadic or cyclic. Meaning that the long-term financial commitment of installing and maintaining the systems infrastructure, software subscriptions and qualified document management personnel to do the work is difficult to justify. When the economy is unfavourable, expenditures of this type only grow further out of reach for small operators and professional firms.

Most companies that do not have access to professional document management systems must resort to using shared drives or public cloud services. The risks associated with these practices are very high and security is questionable, at best. All they can do is hope that nothing happens to damage or destroy their data and that they can find the right version of their document or file when it is needed.


SDM Inc. would like to partner with your company to provide an affordable, on-demand and appropriately scaled service:

  • Using your existing document management processes or facilitating access to a professional-grade Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
  • Custom configuration of naming standards and folder structures.
  • Remotely set up and maintained by experienced, professional Document Controllers.

Professional Document Records Management Services

Our partners are document management and systems professionals with over 20 years’ experience. Working on large-scale, major capital projects for integrated multi-national corporations and professional services organizations in energy, construction, engineering and information technology industries around the world. We have participated in the design, implementation and operation of professional-grade document management, computing and communications systems as the technologies have evolved and matured.


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